The Comeback

After splitting up from what was known has Insane Network Solutions, We kept the core members, and built our next iteration of products. Keeping in mind all our set backs from the past. The only way we had to go was up.

Insanen Solutions Marketplace

In today society our code can be found in the tight grids of Fintech Applications, On the public sectors of blockchain and the coolest art designs on a shirt, most likely on a human near you.

So you are wondering? Why go back and fight after many years for the same domain?

Wouldn’t that set you back in time, to what was achieve through the other companies and extension of Insane Networks.

Well indeed, you are correct my friend. This will certainly bring us back and add more adhoc’s to our process, but i felt this was the right thing to do. It was the beginning of it all. The reason why we even exist in the first place.

This has a webmaster for many of us, was a redemption, even though this might just become a blog to keep our Developers informed.

In essence this domain symbolizes the beginning of it all for us, don’t you have something like that in your life worth fighting for?