Hello world

After a few years of anticipation, we’re thrilled to announce our triumphant return! If you’ve ever wondered, “Who are We?” – allow us to reintroduce ourselves.

Insanen Solutions was founded back in September 2005. Throughout the years, we’ve made our mark in the web development and graphic design industry.

Our success at Insane Network, also known as Insanen, can be attributed to our unwavering commitment to perfection and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Though we encountered a few bumps in the road and even lost our domain name for a period, we persisted in pursuing our ambitions with unwavering determination, ultimately reestablishing ourselves.

And just in case you’re still wondering if you’ve heard of us before, take a look at this image from one of our older products – it might jog your memory!

Ah, the memories are flooding back now! You folks were pioneers in crafting UIs and E-commerce carts before they became mainstream!

Indeed, that’s accurate. However, one lesson we learned was putting too much trust in others. As you can see, even back then, we faced domain and trust-related challenges.

When money started pouring in, it attracted opportunists. Consequently, disputes and disagreements emerged, gradually leading to negligence until we tragically lost the one thing that bound us together: our domain.

After years of enduring battles, investing both time and money, we have triumphantly reclaimed our domain. The valuable lesson we’ve embraced is this: the only trustworthy hand is your own.We couldn’t be prouder and more delighted to be back, ready to embark on this exciting journey once again!